We have always prioritized patient care above everything else and that is why we are choosing to expand our treatment options to be more accessible for patients who have Medicare or Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance policies. We feel that everyone in our community and region deserve the opportunity to receive the most innovative, safe, and effective treatments. That is why we will now be filing all claimable treatments with your insurance provider to lower your out-of-pocket costs. 

We have always cared about your total experience and reducing financial stressors is a part of that experience. 

Get the treatment options of a larger orthopedic office, including a highly-skilled orthopedic surgeon, but with the added benefits of a small community office where you are considered a priority and not a number. We will be with you each step of the way from your initial diagnosis through your treatments and your recovery. The difference is our outlook on treatment which impacts the entire treatment process. Our goal with every patient is to avoid invasive procedures like knee replacements. We are focused on delivering results now that will reduce pain and decrease the impact of arthritis or other pain-causing illnesses on your body. While treatment options offer the greatest success treatment wise there are many options available that we can provide that are billable to insurance. Your health shouldn’t leave you passed from one office to the next on the road to recovery. We look forward to being your first stop in pain management and guiding you through treatments and recovery. 
Golden Rule
Golden State Medicare Health Plan
Optum Health
Palmetto GBA
NovaNet PPO
Colonial Life
United Healthcare Oxford

 Please note that insurers have not changed their policy regarding orthopedic autologous bone marrow cell treatments as they are still considered experimental. Orthopedic autologous bone marrow cell treatments are an innovative option to bypass the need for a total joint replacement but there are several options we can use to postpone or prevent that need. Insurance will be filed for any claimable treatment, office visit, or procedure.