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Austin Yeargan III, MD, at Carolina Joint and Arthritis in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a leader in orthobiologics and regenerative medicine. He has developed, researched, and improved innovative techniques. He continually advances the field of orthobiologics, following his patients clincially for years to determine long-term results and discover ways to improve his therapies. His orthobiologics procedures have become the industry standard in some of the best orthopedic sports clinics. Even if you have advanced arthritis, many patients can avoid joint replacement after treatment with orthobiologics.

Regenerative Medicine
The human body has the ability to protect itself when you suffer from an injury or disease. Using the orthopedic immunobiologic techniques behind regenerative medicine procedures that we developed in 2006, we can provide a variety of therapies that are both safe and effective. If you suffer from arthritis, you deserve to know about these options.

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OrthoBiologics Q & A

What are the autologous orthopedic immunobiologics we use for treatment?

Also referred to as orthobiologics, orthopedic immunobiologics are useful biological cells and proteins harvested from the patient at the point of care that are used to treat orthopedic conditions, from sports injuries and fractures to chronic diseases like arthritis through cell-signaling pathways that stimulate a healing response. Orthopedic immunobiologic treatments contain natural healing cells from your body’s blood and bone marrow that work through anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory mechanisms, resulting in accelerated healing and clinical relief from pain.

What type of orthobiologics is the Nanoplasty® and Mechanical Axis Deviation Procedure (NAMAD)?

Dr. Yeargan developed NAMAD, an advanced procedure that stimulates cartilage growth. While it can treat cartilage injuries, it’s especially beneficial for patients with advanced arthritis.

His NAMAD process includes the following:

Harvesting bone marrow and platelets

Dr. Yeargan painlessly removes a bone marrow sample from your hip, creating the autologous bone marrow aspirate concentrate (ABMAC) used for your treatment.

He also created a step that’s not done in routine ABMAC treatments. He harvests clotting proteins (platelets) from your blood and uses a device called the Thrombinator™ by Athrex to turn them into a gel that holds the ABMAC where he injects it.

Concentrating healing cells

He separates and concentrates the healthiest healing cells from other bone marrow components. These cells are also called signaling cells because they activate healing activities in the surrounding cells and regenerate new tissues.

Retaining anti-inflammatory proteins

This is another technique that sets Dr. Yeargan’s orthobiologics treatments apart from the standard procedures. He captures and retains TSG-6 proteins. This is an essential difference from other regenerative practices because TSG-6 is lost in most procedures. TSG-6 is vital because it fights inflammation, protects healthy cells, and supports signaling cell activities.

Injecting ABMAC above and below the cartilage

 Dr. Yeargan created a different technique where many providers simply inject ABMAC into your joint. After combining your ABMAC plus TSG-6 with the blood-clotting proteins, he injects it into the bone below the cartilage before placing a second injection into the joint.

As a result, the damaged cartilage is surrounded by signaling cells, and your ABMAC can also promote healing in the damaged bone below the cartilage.

What type of orthobiologics are platelet-rich plasma (PRP) plus TSG-6?

Dr. Yeargan creates PRP (a mixture of concentrated platelets and plasma) from a sample of your blood. Platelets are packed with growth factors that accelerate healing, protect healthy cells, reduce inflammation, and support signaling cells.

He puts the plasma through a nanofilter, eliminating unwanted inflammatory substances and concentrating TSG-6. Then he draws excess fluid out of your joint, removing inflammatory substances in the fluid, and injects your optimized PRP plus TSG-6.

The therapies at Carolina Joint and Arthritis produce optimal results thanks to innovations created by Dr. Yeargan. If you need relief from pain or need help healing an injury, call the office or book an appointment online today.